Halo 5 Crashes to home screen

I bought halo 5 on my Xbox one s digitally and downloaded it but when I pressed play it would show the screen with chief and Locke and then crash to the home screen. I’ve tried everything to fix this. Power cycling, reinstalling twice, deleting saved data, and even contacting Microsoft and they said to come over here for help.

Is it installed to an external HD or an internal? Do any other games crash? And can you load the game on a different account?

What is the size of the game on your hard drive? A while back someone was having the same issue, and their copy of Halo 5 was a lot smaller than it should have been because it had not installed correctly.

It’s installed in the internal hard drive and no other games I have, have this problem. It’s only halo 5 and the game is the full 97.7 gigs.

I found a helpful site you might want to look at.

I tried almost every solution on that website and still nothing

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