Halo 5 coverage

I’m a huge Halo fan and from what I’ve seen since Halo 3 is that 343 industries has been making the Halo legacy crap. Let’s start with Halo 4. It may not be a huge thing but the fact that the Chief wakes up from the cairochamber with different looking armor. Don’t get me wrong, I like it but there’s no back story to the Chief finding new armor and it doesn’t make sense. Just one other thing about Halo 4, the boss fight… It was -Yoinking!- trash.
Next topic…Halo 5 Guardians, let’s start with the campaign. It has it’s ups and downs. The 3 missions where you don’t kill anyone and just interact with people are dumb as -Yoink-. You could of just added them in at the beginning or end of a mission. Oh and the fact that you play as fireteam Osiris 80 percent of the campaign is -Yoinking!- dumb!! I thought I was buying a Halo game and last I checked they are based around the Master Chief, not Locke. I do like the concept of fireteam Osiris going after the Chief but not playing almost every mission as Locke. Some how you managed to completely ruin Halo campaign by turning Cortana into the bad guy. That just completely made me hate the campaign. On the good side I like how you intergraded the enemies and weapons along the campaign missions and the cut-scenes were pretty good.
For the multiplayer. The frag grenades are severely underpowered. The blast radius needs to be increased, seeing how you decided to add booster packs grenades are easily avoidable even if it was thought to be a perfect throw. The Shoulder charge should be a one hit kill. It may seem a little unfair but you could get the drop on someone and hit them and they could easily melee you back as your bouncing away, Which is completely unfair. As for the maps they are all pretty balanced. On the carnage report you could bring back a way to view the medals you have earned in the round, I miss browsing my accomplishments.
As for the Spartan abilities. I know a lot of people don’t like them but I actually do. I wish there was a background story for the abilities though because they just kind of got them from nowhere.

Heard all of this a million times, except INCREASE grenade strength? That’s a first.

And if Spartan Charge was a one-hit kill, no one would use any guns. This game would just be people sprinting around slamming into each other … and there’s too of that already.

well if not a one hit kill then make it stun them so they are unable to melee you immediately back.

Increase grenade strength? The grenade spam in the War zone bases is already bad. The enemy team will rush your base and in the course of a few seconds, at least a dozen grenades will be thrown. Not fun. If you were to do that, then you should only spawn in with one grenade, at least for War zone. I definitely agree with the other points though.