Halo 5 Could Use a New Vidmaster Challenge

With the lack of earnable content in Halo 5, we could use a new Vidmaster Challenge. In Halo 5, the only customization items are Achilles and some emblems. When 7 Vidmaster Achievements were introduced inHalo 3, many players tried to achieve Recon. In Halo 3, Recon was the most prestigious Helmet in the game because of this. Halo 5 already has Achilles as a cooperative item to be earned. Now we just need an individual item to earn. This is why I think 343 should introduce a new Vidmaster Challenge into Halo 5. What do you guys think?

I would like Vidmaster challenges to return…missed the difficulty of trying to get them…

I would love the challenge, it was some of the best fun I had with friends and it was even better since none of them were grinding based, but rather a test of patience on how much pain you are willing to endure to survive this scenario.