Halo 5 could of had so much more bosses

i think 343 is scared to try new ideas for bosses, or Microsoft freak out when they try something original , like halo 2 had tatarus , prophet of regret, and the herotic boss, maybe halo 6 should have some, dosent even had to be mind blowing, just something to give the game Abit of feel and more story, like a daul sword elite boss, or a super hunter what it twice the size but has like a mini scarab gun,maybe a flood boss if there is flood. Comment over ideas below

Flipyap and Yapflip the Destroyers of Worlds.
pls 343 do it for april 1st

Seriously though halo 5 was a bit of a letdown. Even halo 4 had the Didact, which was a bit of a gamble
Although Warden was cool, its just that Warzone can’t do with only one boss