Halo 5 Couch CO-OP, I beg you. Please.

My brother and I have played every “main” Halo game, every launch (starting the very first Halo) on split screen Campaign co-op.

Like most brothers we compete with – and protect – each other while we play. We each have our roles. He’s mid - long range snipey while I’m close range shooty. (But not shotty.) He guns while I drive. He assesses while I run right into a group of enemies and get wasted. I’ll let him know where I find sniper or BR/DMR ammo, and he’ll let me know when he finds AR or Needle ammo, or a Hammer or Sword.

It’s never been economically feasible for us to own 2 consoles and pay for 2 internet services AND 2 Xbox Live Gold accounts just to play a game with each other. Broken home, college didn’t factor in to our life, etc. Yeah, for some people that $60 XBL Gold membership’s not an issue, not to mention a new console and games. For us, it’s been gas money to get to our crappy jobs.

As we’ve gotten older, gaming together gotten more difficult. He developed a drinking problem, and, as a result, and employment problem. Now I’m the only one who can reasonably purchase a console and games, and even then I have to save for months.

Baiting him with a Halo weekend every now and then is one of the only ways to ensure he’ll get out of the house for something other than a Crystal Palace gin run.

We’ve been looking forward to Halo 5 so much, only to find out there’s no local campaign co-op…

You cannot imagine how I felt when I saw his face drop when I told him that. The best I can do is to ask you to remember that first Christmas you realized that Santa Claus e wasn’t real. It broke my heart.

I don’t even own an Xbox One yet., so saving to buy two? And then $120 for 2 games, then the same for 2 XBLA gold passes?! C’mon.

I don’t care about 60fps on split screen. Nobody should, not on a console, anyway.

Scale down the split-screen campaign fps, issue a warning about graphical degradation or something while playing couch co-op, or something. As long as it’s 24-30 fps nobody will care.

The right thing to do with a Halo game is to include couch campaign co-op. It’s what we all expect.

Please do the right thing for the long time fans of this series.

I was very much disappointed about this as well. I believe splitscreen is a staple of the Halo franchise. Although I don’t play coop campaign I still have LAN parties to play Halo. It’s always fun to get people together for a LAN party. It’s worth noting that I do have Xbox Live and enjoy that. However, nothing really beats the fun you have with friends and family playing together over a home network. It’s great. 343i PLEASE PUT SPLITSCREEN COOP, SYSTEM LINK/LAN, AND 4 PLAYER SPLITSCREEN BACK IN! HALO GAMES NEED THESE FEATURES.

Please use this thread. Thanks.