Halo 5 controls feedback

I only recently started playing halo 5 but I noticed that there is no option to change the bumpers and triggers like the mcc. I have always played on southpaw, which is a setting that flips the bumpers and triggers so I fire my weapon from the left trigger and throw grenade on the right, as well as melee from the left bumper. I know there is a setting that allows this in halo 5, but it is just the halo 4 control scheme with the bumpers and triggers switched. I started playing bumper jumper in mcc so it is hard for me to play on bumper jumper in halo 5 while not having the option to fire from the left trigger. ( i was ok with thus option not available in older halos before mcc since I didn’t use bumper jumper back then and was content with the southpaw setting, but after discovering the advantages of bump jump (move aimstick while jumping) i dont think i can ever go back having jump on a again) (also, it is hard for me to get use to clawing since my hand is quite big with thin fingers)

I think a good way to improve on the already great control options in halo 5 is to add another option for the player to switch the bumpers and triggers on any control scheme similar to that in the mcc.

Tldr: be great if there is an option to flip the locations of triggers and bumpers for any control scheme in halo 5.

Thanks for reading

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Resolved, I went into the xbox one controller app and mapped the triggers and bumpers to switched. Thanks for all the suggestions.