Halo 5 conceptual weapon balance

I previously posted something on the Halo 4 forums on a similar topic of introducing new concept for weapons in the Halo universe. I started out with someone posting about balancing the DMR and I thought- Hey why not create a balance with some new ideas? So I came up with the Linear Rifle after a few moments od deliberation. Then it just naturally evolved into making a list.

This is largely to balance out what obviously is missing in the general Halo 4 multiplayer. I did not add too much to the list because I already believe the Halo 4 sandbox for handheld weapons is large enough as it stands. All this is specifically catered to Three Hundred and Forty-Three Industries to ingest for the possibility of expanding on the upcoming Halo 5 game.

What I have here is counterpart weapons that equal one another in each faction. Any new weapons I’ve introduced, you can use your imagination to make it relatively balanced against any existing counterpart. Some of these weapons will have some explanations on them.

The UNSC – The Covenant – The Prometheans
Sniper Rifle - Beam Rifle - Binary Rifle
D.M. Rifle - Needle Rifle - Linear Rifle
Battle Rifle - Covenant Carbine - Light Rifle
Assault Rifle - Storm Rifle - Suppressor
Magnum - Plasma Pistol - Boltshot
Shotgun - Energy Sword - Scattershot
Rocket Launcher - Fuel Rod Cannon - Incineration Cannon
Squad Automatic Weapon – Needler – Shredder
Grenade Launcher – Concussion Rifle – Pulse Rifle
Frag Grenade – Plasma Grenade – Pulse Grenade
Machine Gun – Plasma Cannon - Sentinel Turret

*Needle Rifle – I see no problems with this weapon if it were to make a comeback, EXCEPT for the automatic feature that comes with it back in Halo: Reach.

*Linear Rifle – This would most obviously be the Promethean counterpart. As to how it works, well use your imagination. It should look like a mixture of the Binary and Light Rifle.

*Boltshot – Honestly, just decrease the range to point blank melee system and you’ll have yourselves a not too shabby pistol counterpart.

*Gravity Hammer – This is of course in consideration that Brute weapons are taken out of the equation. (Sorry Grifball Hammer) This isn’t to say we should remove the hammer in Halo 5.

*Needler – Just bring back the Halo: Reach feel to the weapon and it should be pretty balanced with the SAW for the next game (meaning the accuracy).

*Shredder – All I can say for this is it needs to work like an automatic and feel like it lives up to the name. How it works and its design, I have no clue.

*Grenade Launcher – Before anyone starts saying “But it’s only got one shot before reload!” Take a look at this, which is an early prototype of the Grenade Launcher before the Pro Pipe they added in Halo: Reach. If the shots are adjusted to six shots before reload and the damage balanced out, then it’s a good counter to the Concussion Rifle.

*Pulse Rifle – I actually had a hard time thinking of what a Promethean counterpart to the Concussion Rifle would be. Then I thought of the Pulse Grenade and the term “Pulse”. A six shot Pulse Rifle that shoots out relatively the same projectiles would be a good addition.

*Sentinel Turret – Well considering Prometheans don’t use turret stationary grounded turret, I figure this would be a bit different like the Armor Ability or a pre-used Forerunner weapon.

As for any other outstanding individual weapons like the Sticky Detonator, Plasma Launcher, Sentinel Beam, Railgun and the Spartan Laser, I can’t really come up with anything really.

Anyone feel free to fill the list up a bit more and comment with your opinions.

I think the linear rifle should stay out of the picture because the lightrifle when scoped probably one of the fastest killing primary weapons in halo 4.

> I think the linear rifle should stay out of the picture because the lightrifle when scoped probably one of the fastest killing primary weapons in halo 4.

I actually can’t believe I overlooked that fact. I should have consulted my kill time chart for the Rifles. I think if that is the case they can increase the kill time to evenly match the Battle Rifle and the Carbine while giving the Linear Rifle a kill time of the scoped Light Rifle from Halo 4.

Thank you for pointing that out.