Halo 5 Concept Art Trailer?

Hey! With PAX prime already underway, wouldn’t it be interesting if 343 released a concept art trailer for Halo 5, similar to how they did for Halo 4 at Halo Fest (Pax Prime 2011). They did it around this time as well before the game released. Personally it was the concept art trailer with it’s mysterious music and sceneries that had me most excited for Halo 4.

Do you think 343 would give any info on Halo 5 otherwise?

I suspect they’ll still be focusing solely on Halo:MCC.

In the Halo panel they will discuss about the MCC and “other Halo projects” as said in the schedule, so maybe we can get other info about Halo 5

That would be pretty cool. The concept art trailer from last time was a nice tease.

Halo 4’s concept art trailer got me so excited for the story. I’d love to see one released at PAX, along with a little taste of the new soundtrack. But, honestly, I think they’re going to remain tight-lipped about Halo 5: Guardians at least until before the beta is launched.

It’s not a bad thing if they give us music like was the Halo 4 Sample Soundtrack.