Halo 5 complaints.

Ok so nothing major just wondering what other people thought about this stuff. Mostly my complaint is with how some of the weapons look. The main offenders here are the SMG, Battle Rifle, Rocket Launcher and maybe DMR too. The SMG for one I think should have the stock extended if you’re not gonna dual weild it and I kinda thing the scope on that thing is kinda ugly or bad placement or something. Maybe more like the SMG in ODST or halo 2 anniversary would look better. The magazine being in a different place kinda works though cuz honestly it’s just more believable. Point number two the battle rifle sight just doenst look like the iconic sight, not diggin the new sight. Speaking of iconic why would they change the rocket launcher. Yes it’s more realistic lookin but it looks like they only changed it cuz it worked better for smart scope. And the don’t needs the front sight or it just doesn’t look like the DMR anymore.