Halo 5 Competitive?

Halo needs to go back to their roots and remember the success with Halo CE, Halo 2, and Halo 3. No doubt that Halo 2 revolutionized the online console play but the competitive side too. Halo 5 should go back to that! I know we all remember the old Halo heroes like Walshy, the Ogre twins, Strongside, ect… Lets take Xbox Live back over and get the Halo Universe where it use to be!

Halo 5 will definitely be better in that respect than Halo 4. I’m pretty confident 343i realized they pushed away the competitive fanbase in Halo 4 (and the competitive fanbase occupies a large percentage of the people who will play the game post-launch). I’m not quite sure they will take it as far as Halo 2, but I think we will get some sort of visible CSR/ranked playlist at launch as well as less random gameplay in general.

Even just bringing back the skill ranks. Now its no matter what you get XP. We need the old number ranking system again, and no the online waypoint one doesn’t count. We need the numbers by the gamer tags again like in halo 2 and 3. Just simple aspects like that could help a lot

While I love the original trilogy and reach, halo 4 was disappointing. I didn’t notice this until about a year after it’s release, in which the fun stopped. I analyzed why and the answer pointed to 2 things.

Lack of content- halo 4 had 9 playlists on launch, that were all built the same way, which was of off infinity. This made having a competitive playlist impossible because infinity is the exact opposite of that. It also made each playlist play very similar, so the lack of variety in multiplayer is a factor in its death.

Lack of challenge- halo 4 is easy. Most of the mechanics implemented make the game easy to get good at, which kills longevity. In this I agree with you, the next halo needs to be built competitively, then from there, have casual playlists. A competitive game can be played casually, but a casual game can’t be played competitively.

I agree halo needs to be competitive again, but I disagree in that it has to go backward. There are more ways to be competitive than halo 2 style, things like armor abilities and loadouts can be balanced for competitive play, but need to be reworked severely for that to happen. Other mechanics need to be deleted, like sprint flinch and perks. New mechanics and game modes that are balanced competitively must be added, but should also be casualized in certain playlists so that casual player can also have fun.

A separation of competitive and social works well, but only as long as the lines between them are blurred so we don’t end up playing two different games. A solid core should be 343s top priority for the next halo title.