Halo 5 Community Playdate [7/15/16] [Open Invite!]

Back in Halo 4 I was part of a one-time Halo 4 Community Playdate that celebrated Halo 4’s 1st birthday and was a great success. We played 13 games on different gametype/map combinations ranging from wacky and goofy to downright competitive. I hope to achieve the same results this time around with Halo 5. I would like to try playing around with an assortment of [non-broken] maps and gametypes. Of these I plan on showcasing how Halo 5 would handle Ricochet and Oddball on some classic remakes. The whole thing will be livestreamed and individual games will be uploaded afterwards to my YouTube.

If you’d like to participate in this suddenly-so-soon event, comment below and let others know. Remember, this is for FUN and doesn’t need to be a super-competitive environment…after all, it’s been a long work week for some of us and we just want to sit back and enjoy some gaming with other community members!