Halo 5 Commendations Help?

Any guys wanna help get some commendations completed together like the Immortals commendation, I only have 3 arena commendations left to get the Magnum Opus emblem, I will help you guys out too :smiley: Add me guys - Blainegasm

Only 3 left are:
Against All Odds - Got 7/15 , Level 4/5
Aggressive Expansion - Got 17/30 , Level 5/5!
Unstoppable - Got 1/15 , Level 4/5 :frowning:

I need to get 47 Spartan lasr kills from the SIV emblem.

I got my Spartan Laser kills easily in BTB mate

Blainegasm I would just run a 4 player fireteam of low rank in Breakout so the enemies are a bit easier for the Unstoppable commendation. Then just grind team arena with friend you will get Aggressive Expansion eventually. And honestly i dont know how to kind of grind the against odds commendation other than just simply playing breakout.