Halo 5 coming to MCC?

So is that real or is it just bait?
I think it could actually change how people see Halo 5, especially if the various bugs can be worked on.

Having all games combined into the MCC would also make overall management easier for the team at 343i.

Now the reason I’ve posted this in the flighting forum, is in case it is true, in which case suggestions on how it could be handled would be appreciated by staff at 343 I’m sure, and help create a foundation for the H5 MCC Flight that would inevitably happen.

The biggest issue I can see on any of the menu’s, is the armour customisation options, being that there is so many.

A great way of handling this would be the same as we get just now for different variants in reach, or halo 4, where the player selects to see the variants and it shows them in a separate selection on screen.

Beyond that, the biggest issues are framerate drops, crashes, freezes and so on yknow.

A traditional slayer game type in matchmaking would be SIIIIIIIIICK!!!

Sorry to ramble, but anyway have a good day everyone.

No, this is not true. There are no plans to bring Halo 5 or any other games into MCC. 5 could potentially be brought over stand alone, but that’s more a discussion for the Halo 5 on PC thread in the Halo 5 forums.

MCC was already hitting limits when Reach was added, 5 very likely wouldn’t work given the resources available - from both a technical stand point and the time and resources the team have available.

There are threads about this in the MCC forums if you wish to discuss further.