Halo 5 Cobra!

Halo 5 will hopefully focus on more dynamic vehicular combat. Doing this will mean the addition of new vehicles, one of which should be the Cobra. For anyone who does not know what the cobra is please for the love of god go play halo wars (Good Game…at times). As far as I know the cobra is the only vehicle where it can lock and become immovable. When not “Grounded” Normally it will fire two blasts which take time to recharge and kill a spartan. What locked bow the cobra not only becomes a barricade but also fires a strong projectile which would work similar to the railgun (Only with no drop and more damage). It would be able to take out a mongoose in one hit and a warthog in two. It will take for the gun to charge up but the cool-down time is very short. It can only hold one person but players can jump onto the treads and ride on the Cobra. The Cobra is essentially the balanced replacement for the gauss hog. Next time I will be going over the wolverine. Let me know what you think below. Thanks :D.

The SP42 MBT “Cobra”, My Favorite Vehicle of all time ever, is an Anti-tank vehicle.

Unlocked, two shots can take out a mongoose, and 3-4 can take down a warthog.
Locked down, it realistically wields the power to One-shot a Tank. The heavy armor piercing railgun is Slow to turn, and slow to reload, but deal extraordinary amounts of damage.

You are insulting the Cobra’s power by saying that it needs to be locked down to destroy a warthog with Two shots.

It has a high amount of armor, potentially withstanding 4-5 direct shots from a Scorpion when Unlocked, and up to 6-7 Shots when locked down. But it moves much slower than a Scorpion, and cannot shoot upwards, meaning that aircraft is its mortal enemy.

The Cobra and Gauss hog cannot be compared, as they fill different purposes. The Cobra fights tanks and provides long-range vehicle support, while the Gauss hog is used for light anti-vehicle support, and to pester heavier vehicles. They are not Equal.

Upgraded Cobras have been able to take out or severely damage Scarabs in gameplay. :smiley:

Yes! The vehicles of Halo Wars need to make a comeback in a main Halo game! So many of them, especially the Cobra you’re angling for, have great potential for both campaign and multiplayer.

The Cobra should, by all means, return along with (my opinions):
-Hornet (in matchmaking, could be like a mini-Falcon or UNSC Banshee)
-Gremlin(Cool campaign potential)
-Spectere (plz don’t hate on me)

There could also be a new Mantis version, like some super-enhanced Juggernaut mech for tougher terrain, atmospheric conditions, and advanced EMP support and weapon recharging. The “Sasquatch” perhaps.

Anyway, I’m getting way off-topic. :stuck_out_tongue:
I completely would support the Cobra in Halo 5.

Yes for Campaign, no for Multiplayer unless we see a big increase to player count and the scale of battles (20+ players). Personally I would rather Halo not go that route, and have 343 spend more time on the more traditional stuff (4-16 players).

3 maxed out spartan cobras > any other land vehicle. 2 scarabs? that’s cute.

I’d like to see the Cobra in campaign, but I can’t imagine it ever being useful in multiplayer unless there’s a giant player-count increase (which I definitely don’t want).

It’s the Cobra a relatively speedy tank though?

> It’s the Cobra a relatively speedy tank though?

In Halo Wars it was relatively slow and not well defended, but of course, that doesn’t have to be the case in any future appearances.

> Yes for Campaign, no for Multiplayer unless we see a big increase to player count and the scale of battles (20+ players).

I agree with this and what Twissted said, unless there are huge battles, we can’t expect this to be in MM, but maybe in Custom Games.