Halo 5 Co-Op Models. + Campaign Freemode idea

Something else 343i took out was the playermodels in the campaign. If you played halo 3, you’d notice that player 2 wars the arbiter, and 3/4 were elites. Now in reach you just played as your custom spartan. Halo 4 had everyone being masterchief, which honestly didn’t really make sense, I mean if they’re going to go as far as adding a canon story to multi-player, why not bother taking some time to make the campaign make more sense, I mean it’s weird seeing 4 master chiefs. But anyways, for halo 5, they should do something like this:
P1= Master chief, obviously.
P3= Either elite, or a spartan 4, depending on if arby returns.
P4= An ODST, or another elite.

Either that, or do something completely different and allow unlockable playermodels that require achievements or whatnot to get them, like a freeplay mode that can be unlocked after beating the campaign, you could get player models like elites, marines, spartan 4’s, odsts, master chief, brutes, etc. Just an idea I had.

As long as the characters have special traits of their own rather than being a Chief clone, I wouldn’t mind playing as them.

Does anyone know whether Halo 5 for Xbox One will be local split-screen co-op so i can play with my friends at the same house? Just me and my friends thought that was the best feature so wondering if anyone has any information. :smiley: