Halo 5 Clans

Hey guys. So I was watching HaloFollower and their most recent video is that Chris said that a guy got the source code of H5G and he noticed that in the source code there was something in there about clans. The video is called: Halo 5: Guardians - “Clans” Found in Halo 5 Source Code. (Sorry I don’t know how to link videos) Go check it out on YouTube. This info. is not confirmed by 343i but there might be a clan system in H5. What do you guys think? Do you think there will be clans in H5. Please comment down below. See you in Halo 5!

Clantags maybe?

No. There will be an actual clan system like there was in Halo 2. Once again this info. is not confirmed

Spartan Companies. Someone found it in the code of Waypoint. Old news.

There should be a clan system it would make the community bigger and more competitive