Halo 5 Clan

There are many different clans out there, why not take a look at this one. This clan is known as the Imperial Roman Empire or I.R.E. for short. We are a Military Roman styled Halo 5 clan with a strong Military structure. This Empire is devoted to bringing the halo community up and running, and watching new clans erupt throughout the halo interface. We are not a power hungry clan and we will never be. We seek only peace within the community; however, if threatened we will not hesitate to react.

If your looking for a serious clan that has its funny moments, a clan that treats every member with respect, a clan that knows when its time to fight. Then your looking for the Imperial Roman Empire. I.R.E. is known for having one of the most strict training/boot camps and will not accept anything less than your absolute best. “Success is not final, Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.” If you fail we don’t care, as long as you are able to get up and continue that’s all that matters.

Its time for you to choose your path. The only question is…what path will you take?

Visit us at http://irehaloclan.weebly.com

Thank you for your time!