Halo 5 Clan

Hey guys i am in a clan that has around 60 members, its a laid back have fun clan and i have been asked to help recruit people. The clan is FullThrottleGaming and i promise it is a clan full of funny joking people. Im not a bullsh*ter i was recruited like 3 months ago and i really like this clan and i think that if you are looking for a clan in halo then you should try it. When you join you don’t have to change your name unless you want to rank up after a certain rank (i don’t know what rank that is) and you don’t even have to rank up to be in FTG but it is asked that you participate. If you are looking for people or a clan to play games with then i encourage you to just try FTG. I cant guarantee that you will like it but you will definitely like it if you are a casual gamer.

If you are interested in joining FTG then send me a message on Xbox live and i will let my clan mates know you want to join and they will get you set up. My gamer tag is HaloFreek640