Halo 5 Clan Rules

I have been working with a friend to make an ONI clan. Could someone please tell me the official clan rules?

If you could also include rules for raids that would be nice.

There no official clan rules to be exact but there are some commonly held guidelines and I suppose that’s what they are. Guidelines. 99% of clans only care about winning (Those clans that are concerned with Clan V Clan). Rules tend to be subjective, contradict one another, and vary from clan to clan. I remember from a about a year and half ago now, that one clan was trying to make an official community rule book but for the life of me I could not remember who or what clan they belonged to. Maybe they finished it by now or will see your post will get in contact.

My advice is to do the following:

  • Set up rules for internal affairs; - Set up procedures and protocols for diplomatic interactions with other clans; - Negotiate ‘raid’ rules before you engage in ‘raids’; - Follow general online etiquette; - And don’t broke your own rules or mutually agreed upon rules.