Halo 5 clan integration is a need, 343! JUST DO IT

When I think of Halo, my first thought is “It’s a game highly based on team communication”. This sentence defines Halo for me. And that’s one more reason to bring clan integration to Halo 5 since you’re leaning strongly to eSports.

I recently started a clan with my friends for Halo MCC with the pointless “Clan tag” name and it makes me sad you don’t support clans right. I’m having the time of my life communicating in order to win the game at all costs in Team Hardcore playlist and not being able to play with clans, track WIN/losses is a huge letdown for me and many others. If you read this and have the sources and time, please add at least 3 or more of the following things:

  • Dedicated playlist for Clans (4v4) and another for 2v2- Hub to manage your clan, see members, points- Wins/losses tracking system- Emblem creatorThat’s 4 things I would like to see (we won’t see most likely) on Halo 5.

Thanks for reading,