Halo 5 changes to Prometheans

To: 343I and community,

I’d first like to say that I am glad that we’ve a new enemy to fight and I pray that Covie Storm is dead and gone by the 2nd or 3rd mission in Halo 5. I really dont want to fight them anymore. I want the REAL Covies back, you know the ones that we’ve a truce with. I could on about this but they aren’t the topic of this post.

The Prometheans need to change for Halo 5. As they currently are they really need to stand out in comparison to the covenant. Yes they look different and can teleport but that isn’t enough. In truth I found the C.Storm to be a far more challenging opponent than them and I as well as alot of people here wiped the floor with them on legendary. Thats the origin of some of us claiming them to be stale. They have so much potential though. Wish they had a name mechanic, so I includes my own simple suggestion.

343 the Promethean are your voice in Halo. They have a unique ability as well as a teamwork mechanic that the covies and unsc do not. I want to see expansion on that.

Promethean Knights
We’d like to see them have a more distinct difference in their appearance among the variants. I’m sure I’m not alone in mistaking a Knight Lancer for a Regular Knight and then getting a binary to the face. A quick fix to 100% of the problems with the knights comes from their concepts. In the official video here the way their mask open up would be far more creepy if it was like the concept art and the “hulking armors” changing the variant looks
is a good idea. 343I Implement that idea, and then give your art team a raise! I’d also like them to return to their prototype form (the non head shotable form) just elongate the neck so we can head shot it. The prototype Promethean Knight looks intimidating. It makes their current form look like a megablocks toy. (3:18 in vid) As far as those T-rex arms maybe they can duel wield primaries? They need some function maybe it could do something with the crawlers, I don’t know but they need some function other than to just be there.

Promethean Watchers (Rename them Bishops)
Nope got nothing, like em how they are. They need a gun specific to them though. Maybe a burst fire lazer?

Promethean Crawlers (Rename Pawns)
They lack the same teamwork that the knight and watcher have. They seem to be more independent and just there just to be there in comparison to the knight. The knight and watcher work as a team but the crawlers, nothing. I purpose that the cralwers gain the ability to sacrifice themselves to “evolve” the knights by combining with them. If we kill off the watcher the crawlers will combine with the knight and evolve it up to a knight battlewaggon. They’d be the “hulking armors” that the purposed easily distinguishable knights have.

The prometheans could also use a vehicle and a new variant. I purpose something called the “Templar aka The Rook”. It wouldn’t be anything big or for that matter very strong. It’d serve a purpose that the prometheans really need. Wait for it… Vehicles! It’d be the driver and anti vehicle promethean. As it currently stands 1 mantis would be the end of all promethean kind. Flood can control vehicles, case and point H2 flood tank, the prometheans need something to fight against that. The Rook would be something hard to run over so it’d need to be thin and spindly. Hint concept art It’s sole purpose would be to jam and disable vehicles. In combat it’d jam our radars and provide support to the watcher. I’d have the ability to hijack warthogs, ect., and would be spawned by a grouping of crawlers; 7 maybe? We should get a heads up that the crawlers are making one and the ability to stop them.

The prometheans have potential to be radically different from anything we’ve faced and these are just my ideas.

I’d like the Prometheans to change and display more of the teamwork mechanic amongst them by all types working together.

You have no idea how bad I wanted to call them brometheans

I’m all for giving them new tactics. I just hope they don’t add new ones without explaining them, because that’ll just be weird.

Promethean Assassinations anyone?

(meaning the Knight can assassinate you if you have your back facing them)

> I’m all for giving them new tactics. I just hope they don’t add new ones without explaining them, because that’ll just be weird.

But it wouldn’t be out of line of what they done. For my proposals this could just be behavior that the fire teams sent down by Infinity reported back. The prometheans would be changing as a response to fighting the spartan 4s.

They were meant to fight the flood and we know the flood go through stages. The current form would be to deal with infection and the dumb combat forms. The new behaviors of the prometheans would be to deal with stage 2 flood.

I’d rather see them have purely anti flood tactics that would seem strange than be reskinned elites.

> Promethean Assassinations anyone?
> (meaning the Knight can assassinate you if you have your back facing them)

I’d love to see that done.

I personally HATE the prometheans… I want more flood and more covies. Also, maybe a new enemy entirely, that forces all the humans and ALL the Covies to unite and fight to save the galaxy.

I didn’t really like the prometheans but that was because they got stale…I want all the enemies to be more aggressive next time around and also be smarter all together and I know that’s asking more than it sounds but I feel like some new tactics and intelligence is needed in all 3 “factions”

Damn good suggestions. Really good actually. I’m not sure about ditching the covenant though. That’s a pretty radical change. I mean the covenant is as much a part of halo as the halos is. Even if the covenant was severely downplayed in halo 4, for stated reasons.