Halo 5 Challenge System

Remember how Halo: Reach had a daily and weekly challenge system? You’d get on every day to complete those challenges because the cR points helped you rank up or buy armor. Well, what if Halo 5 had the same idea. 4 daily challenges each day, and 1 weekly challenge each week. Completing each challenge would award the player with Req points which you could use on your Req packs. The system would work practically the same way as Reach, but instead of receiving cR, you will receive Req points. I think 343 Industries should put this idea under consideration. :slight_smile:

That would be amazing like for a weekly challenge complete this campaign mission on laso or for a daily like get this many head shots it would define try make the game more enjoyable and would keep the player population up giving some people more of a reason to play

They did it in 4 as well. I’m not sure why they remove simple little things like this that make the game more fun.