Halo 5 Campaign voice lines gone.

I just bought the game Halo 5, and I wanted to play the campaign for the first time. First of all when I downloaded the game, it needed a update, that filed 54GB. After the game was finished updateing I started the game, and started the campaign, then I realised something was and the problems was that the voice lines were gone, and you could see the characters mouth move, and nofthing came out. I hope it’s a update problem, because then I have no idea what the problem is.

Please help me, and write down belov if “you” have the same problem.

PS: The halo game is a Halo 5: Guardians Disc game is not a Microsoft Online shop item.

After downloading and updating you should hard reset your Xbox. Doing a hard reset usually fixes any issues. Just hold down the power button till the Xbox shuts off and then I usually unplug the power cord from the back of the Xbox for a bit for extra measure. Plug it back in and restart and relaunch the game.

HOLY -Yoink-, it worked.’

It only worked in the started part of the campaign


When that happens to me it usually means I turned down the volume for dialogue to 0 so I could listen to Spotify; maybe its changing automatically for you? Check your settings in the audio menu?

For it says 10 and audio are set to speakers. But nofthings come out of their mouth when they talk.

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> For it says 10 and audio are set to speakers. But nofthings come out of their mouth when they talk.

That is super strange. Maybe your installation is corrupted? Are you able to reinstall the game, as that should fix it?

I am able to reinstall, but it doesn’t change the game. The voice lines are still gone. The disc of the game isn’t broken in anyway.

Regards, Quarnds

Do.you have a Surround Sound setup? Try changing some audio options from the Dashboard around such as setting audio to Stereo. A lot of games utilize the front center speaker for vocal audio lines and could possibly be a bad speaker cutting in and out. That’s all I’ve got after the previous restarting Xbox suggestion.

I found the problem. I download the game online from Microsoft Shop, and it worked
I think it’s about how the game is downloaded, even from a digital or disc.
As I can see, other people have had the same problem from some earlier updates.

Regards, Quarnds.