Halo 5 Campaign Feedback

So, I really enjoyed H5 campaign. I did, however, have my quarrels with it. I wasn’t a fan how we play a whole 2-4 missions out 15 missions as Blue Team. It felt like The Master Chief wasn’t the main character in this one, when he was IN THE GAME! Instead of giving us all this stuff with Locke, they could have went deeper into the story with Chief. I also felt a little lost with the Cortana situation. I didn’t quite understand, first time through, how she lived or how she changed so drastically to have fallen to the “dark side”. The skulls are too small too, they’re really hard to see even if you’re right in front of them!

I did like the game play, very fast paced and lots of action. The cutscenes weren’t bad, I enjoyed those too. I’ve read a lot about how people are upset with ending of the game. Personally, I thought it was cool. Cortana is back as the Big Bad this time around and is heading for an agenda of apocalyptic proportions. You saw her on Infinity and it just was awesome to see here there as this high & mighty being ready to take everything out. The cliff hanger was a nice touch to leave you ready for the final installment to this trilogy. it was very “Halo 2 esq”, which I enjoyed.

in a nut shell, I enjoy the game overall. Now it’s time to head into matchmaking. See you all there!