Halo 5 Campaign 117/Cortana

When master chief and blue team first met Warden Eternal. Warden, said Cortana knew chief’s forgotten name (John). but didn’t he know that???

At the end of halo 3 certain said, " its been an honour serving with you John." as they escaped the arc, right???

What is that? terrible writing? I Don’t understand…

There is a laundry list of very poor writing and confusing (not in a good way) choices in Halo 5. I’ve been a fan since i was 8 years old… and i fear for the future of halo…

regarding end of halo 3 yes she did say that and as for halo 5 I think that was warden eternal trying to play mind games with chief which didn’t work but yes the writing was not very good compared to the old games but the story was average at best overall

Yeah the writing was fairly dissapointing in this game. Just gotta try to let them know you weren’t a fan and hopefully they improve next time.