Halo 5 Bounty hunters recruitment

I’m Recruiting for Spartan Bounty Hunters We are just a ragtag bunch of gamers who just play for fun but, can be competitive at the same time we are looking for anyone who plays halo there are no requirements and can be any age


  • respect your Teammates
  • Try and set up a game of halo if you see multiple Clan members on
  • No tea-bagging except in custom games when were goofing around
  • Have fun :slight_smile:

Message FPS Mr Johnson if interested

Never mind I changed my mind I would accept your request anyway thank you

im looking for some work so ill sing up

Is it still active

a question…What halo games are your main?

Hello I would like to join I am good at the following,

frontier defence
human shield
give me any weapon and I’ll use it decently(at the least)
I can find people easily(if needed)
and more.

please consider letting me join, I know this isn’t much but still if you need more info just send me a message