Halo 5: Black Gate Of Mordor

Alright, this might sound absolutely ambitious, but, I’m planning to create a map based on the Black Gate of Mordor from the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. This map will support CTF and Slayer but, I still have a few questions in regards to the overall layout of the map.

  1. Which forge map in Halo 5 can act as the best setting for the Black Gate to really simulate that desolate feel that Mordor has?

  2. What pieces should I use for the gate itself, banners, etc?

  3. What effects should I use to simulate war chants and all that other cool stuff?

Please let me know ASAP. This is gonna be a team effort and I need help from any members of the community who r willing to help me create this monstrous map. My hope is that it’ll be good enough to get into the map rotation for matchmaking.