Halo 5 Beta unlocks n/a ?

Well there’s absolutely really no other way I can put this, so here’s my delima I am one of many Halo 5 beta players that put forth great effort to unlock all armors available for the beta, since then I’ve had a few missfortunate events happen in my life won’t go into any of that so to the point my Halo 5 beta download is on another xbox one hard drive somewhere out there and I would like 343 Industries to help me out in retrieving my beta unlocks information as I’m positive it’s tied to my xbox live account profile. Since this has happened I have purchased another xbox one and was able to retrieve all other information apps and games for my account while waiting for this highly anticipated games release I pre ordered this game the collector’s edition because the stairs of Master Chief and Sergeant Locke are friggin

…umm yea totally did not choose to submit that my creatures sorta did that part for me any how yea the statues are SWEET and in installing my game and finally making it to the menus checking out all the armor and helmets I seen my Helioskrill set and the damaged and non danged versions of the Chief armor all the unlock ables through the halo channel and the Master Chief collection’s unlocks present…,but nothing I played so hard to achieve from the beta 343 if your listening please help me out on this I know you can look into this and see my honesty the stats for my beta is still there please check into this for me Thank you and if anyone else has a suggestion that can help me correct this it would be most appreciated thanks to all. See you on the battlefield. S7W7A7Ns