Halo 5 beta: small MP issues

Not here to complain about movement and weapons. It seems every post just wants to rehash the same ol’ stuff. Some little things I noticed that I’m hoping are just part of the beta and will be fixed during the beta, or prior to release.

  1. tied the lead: I haven’t heard this during gameplay. “Taken the lead” and “loss the lead” are there.

  2. kill from the grave: not sure if it was left out of the beta for now, or if it doesn’t exist anymore. When someone’s one-shot and I toss a grenade, but get killed in the process, I don’t know if they died. No points, no medals. Is this new?

  3. truth (sword spawn time): there have been multiple games now where the opposing team is running around the map with two swords. With sprint and lunge being part of a spartan holding a sword, it’s very annoying. Opposing teams can dominate.