Halo 5 Beta: Ranking Feedback

Hi all,

I’m loving the beta so far, but I have a real issue with the game’s ranking system.

I fully understand that 343i’s goal is to award performance bonuses to players for winning matches, therefore encouraging teamplay. But it’s incredibly frustrating when I’m teamed with 3 unranked players, score 27 kills with a 1.9 K:D, and lose 15 points for ‘performance’. When games are won, and even topping the leaderboard, I seem to be maxing at 12,13, with the occasional 15. Yet, I can have one of my highest scoring games, and instantly receive a 15 point decrease, simply for losing the game.

In short, I agree with the teamplay incentive, but players that lose purely on the basis of lower ranked teammates need to be compensated, especially if they top the leaderboard. If I beat every other player on the opposing team, why should they receive a 13 point bonus, when I lose 15?

Just my thoughts! Again, love the game, just a little frustrated at the performance scores.