Halo 5 Beta: Grenades

Maybe have them do a bit more Damage!
Also it would be awesome as hell if you guys would add Flame and Spike Grenadas into Mulityplayer.

I would really like it if the frag grenade was a little less bouncy. I feel like it unrealistically skips too far forward after a toss and with all the curve edged walls and edifices the ability to bounce grenades where you want them becomes a little less predictable and more based on randomness than skill.

I agree that a grenade placed at someone’s feet needs to be a KO and not just a shield drainer.

Grenades should be less bouncy look at the way Halo 2’s grenades worked, perfect bounce and damage. I feel like every death in Halo 5 beta is due to grenades. It is the one goto action people will perform because they know it is the most effective and easiest way to get a kill.

The grenades are -Yoinking!- limited.

They’re like -Yoinking!- mini nukes.

-Yoink- this game. -Yoink- everyone who plays it, they are all -Yoinks!- who live in their parent’s basement.

I agree that the frag grenades bounce way too much and too far. I can’t tell you how many times I got killed by a grenade that should have landed no where near me but it did because of the bounce and it killed me.

They increased the range and damage of grenades beacause of thruster pack. Now if you don’t thrust away, a greande that lands 5 meters in front of you will kill you. Personally I think frag greandes are too op, and stickies are completely useless if your enemy is further away than a sword lunge.