I think the BETA was much more polished than the actual game itself.
All the weapons sound and feel suppressed, and the BETA felt so much easier to play.
The mechanics felt so much more flawless in the BETA too!
Also it felt like real Halo gameplay. Something about Halo 5 really seems different.
Wasn’t as team based. If you were truly a skilled player you could roam.
In the actual game when released everything changed, numbers are a big thing.
You can no longer outplay more than 2-3 players consecutively.
Ranking structure is probably worse than the old Halo Reach and Halo 4 structure, that was based on brownie points,
because everything about Halo 5 is not based upon individual skill per player. It’s all team based almost.
Why should I rank up when my team wins, and lets say I only provide one kill/point for my team and go negative.
Lower skill level players should vs lower skill ranked players, by their own individual skill, and have to work and climb the ranking structure based upon their own learning.
How am I supposed to learn what my team mates did right and wrong in a match? It’s much easier to take account for yourself than it is for everyone else.
The only thing that has helped me, sadly, in Halo 5, is to play FFA nonstop.
Also I get ranked up when I place 4th place in FFA? This ranking is a bit yoinked lol.

  • I just miss the non-laggy menus, the lobbies, the complete postgame stats, the OP AR and SMG, and the old Nightfall armour.