Halo 5 Beta blog thoughts/opinions/suggestions

I like the most of the changes, but I disagree with some of them.

Spartan Abilities:
First person view (at least the option) for using abilities and assassinations, it looks much more awesome and doesn’t break immersion.
Manual stabilize conflicting with Sniper Zoom level not addressed
No Ability to Stabilize when not Scoped
Spartan charge needs to be more reliable for killing or damaging then finishing off opponents. You should be able to fire your weapons a bit faster after charging.
Indicator for thruster recharge time on screen
No thruster affects when spartans are sprinting, the don’t need them, and it looks kinda stupid.

DMR needs the old scope system, it was more like a smart link scope in previous halos, now its just regular ADS. Also, you cannot use a scope like that with a helmet on, go on, try it with a helmet for a bike or airfsoft, you can’t so easily with that, now imagine it with a Spartan’s Mjolnir helmet. Not happening.
Smart link needs a new name and/or new look. Smart link is when your visor shows a feed from your weapons scope, not a holographic sight projected from the gun itself (Like on the AR, and pistol) or an actual red dot sight like on the BR. Suggestion for name, Smart Zoom. (Your visor zooms in, and handles targeting assistance with the crosshair, but remove the projections from the guns themselves) Its still really cool, but its not what Smart link scopes really are.
Have the option in custom games to disable forced descopping.
Being forced out of scoping should not affect your sensitivity if you are still holding the scope button.
Increase scope in time for the sniper rifle, it wasn’t clunky at all, in fact it was too fast. It should simply be relied on for further ranges then people are using it at (using a SR at point blank range and thinking it scopes in too slow is not an issue with the game or gun, but the person playing or using it.
Sword lunge range when sprinting should be reduced since there is no penalty to speed when damaged. (Why not have a charge attack specific for the sword instead)
Improve the swords reliability to kill and lunge at targets, if the crosshair is red when you pull the trigger, you shouldn’t not lunge for no reason.
Bring back grenade indicators, they fly at you so fast in this game you have no time to react, your dead. Especially when they bounce and detonate on top of you. This coupled with their ability to kill someone who has only lost a little bit of shielding makes them hard to counter. You can very easily sit on a grenade and have no idea its there. At least more glow, more noticeable trail and sound on the grenade to help you spot it in flight.
Less flimsy looking SMG sight

Don’t hide the ranking of others prematch. Sometimes, some people don’t quit because they want a match to affect their skill level, they leave because they know the match will not be enjoyable.
If players are partied up, make sure that has an effect on CSR. If you are with 3 random people, and the other team has even 2 people who are friends who are communicating like randoms cannot, it needs to be accounted for.
Teamplay should not be the primary thing looked at for CSR in Slayer variants, only in objective modes or Breakout.
The ability to hide all CSR info from your game (I play for fun, and the CSR can ruin that. If i do badly, knowing and seeing my CSR is dropping just irritates me and lessens the fun I have)
Also take into account connection. If someone does better, but has a lower connection, that can be the reason why. Having a bad connection to a game can give you an unfair advantage.

Improve how the game handles when a person has a bad connection. They can either be harder to kill, evade, detect, etc. or easier to. Connection simply has too much of an affect on gameplay.
An option to only search for people in your specific region (Like NA, SA, UK, Eu, Asia, etc.) I want to have the best match possible, someone from a far away region with a higher ping doesn’t help.
Ping indicators. I don’t mean bars, I mean numbers. I want to see what everyone’s ping is when I look at the scoreboard or am waiting in the lobby.

Power weapon suggestion: Shredder Assault Rifle. MA5 loaded with Shredder (Depleted uranium) rounds. Any one who has read the novels should know what these are and what they do. Maybe even a B model with a 60 round magazine.
This will never happen because of the time and resources involved, but maybe each helmet having a unique Hud(Just the lines and purely ascetic parts) and each Visr providing an effect on the color or something like that.
For the Breakout arena, remove the distortion affect on the grid when you are on it, its nauseating to see.
First person view for entering the Breakout arena in Breakout
Forge: Generate lighting option in pause menu or forge menu, not every time you switch to player mode. Obviously forge was not in the beta, but I’m just putting this here.
Remove the braille 104 on the Centurion armor in multiplayer. Only Fred himself should have that.
Height difference between Spartan IVs and IIs. In Halo 4 they were the same height in game. Remember how tall the chief was in the final cutscene that was rendered out of the engine, thats how is should be in game. This is a change that would only affect single player, just consider it.

Overall, 343, you guys are awesome. The game plays well, looks great, and sounds great. I can’t wait to see how much better it looks and plays when finished.