Halo 5 Beta and General Discussion

So this is going to be my second forum post on here. I’m just gonna say to anyone who is going say that 343 screwed up royally with the MCC I’m not entirely disagreeing with you. Infact my first post actually states that well this clearly wasn’t ready and it should have been delayed. However, I’m still a bit skeptical as to what exactly happened during the development of the game and when it came out. So really I’m choosing to stay as neutral as possible on this. I mean I gave them credit, they responded right away and they said sorry without anyone holding a gun to their head, so I’m proud of them for doing that. Now the video I’m going to link is my first attempt at this so I’m gonna sound… mmmmmmmm a bit off I guess, but I would love some feedback. So, send as much of it as you can please. Also I hope everyone is enjoying the Beta as much as I am. God job 343, good job.