Halo 5 Battle of Shadow and Light ??? Emblem

The halo 5 battle of shadow and light update brings in a ton of new reqs and emblems, but one interesting one you will see is the ??? emblem. Why did they make this? I’m not ranting or anything, I’m just curious. It’s a plain black emblem with nothing. Maybe it’s just there for anyone who doesn’t want a picture for there Spartan. What do you guys think about this? It’s very interesting.

It hasn’t been revealed yet. I like this actually since we don’t need to know every single thing coming in an update, leave some surprises for us. Wonder if it will be a popular emblem from the previous games returning given skull king is coming back

When does the update go live

Is the update today or tomorrow?

I thought it was today

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> Is the update today or tomorrow?

Only 343 knows. It’ll likely be tomorrow since most games update/reset on Tuesdays. I doubt they’d wait any later.

You guys sure know how to get off topic don’t you?