Halo 5 Bans

My xbox has this issue where it shuts off at random points in time, presumably from overheating. Ive tried to fix it, no luck. Everytime this happens, theres always a chance of Halo 5 banning me for ‘quitting matches’ when in reality I have nothing to do with the issue, this even happens when my general power goes out. It would be appreciative that somebody tries to lift this restriction and maybe limited to those people who actually pause and quit the game, because my xbox having issues is being classified as “unsociable behavior” when its just hardware not working properly.

The problem is that from 343’s end, they can’t tell why your system went offline. If they made the change you’re suggesting, then people could just turn off their consoles, unplug their consoles, or disconnect their internet in order to circumvent quit bans.