Halo 5 ban hammer.

This has plagued halo games for generations. But really pissed me off this time.

Mid match, tight game, leading team in kills. I toss in a plasma grenade and stick to the enemy, two of my teammates go in for the melee and boom kill and double betrayal. -Yoink- seriously? Oh well… Oh I get kicked out of the match, and banned for a bit?

It’s not like I’m headhunting my own team, or not being a team player. I was active and productive, and enjoying a close match. A rare fluke happened, my idiot teams mate that can’t already see this guy is going to die gets too close, whatever the cause it’s not cause for a ban.

when the prompter shows up for the vote to kick people are going to kicked 100% why they either can’t tell what’s going on, get frustrated over and accidental betrayal, and they what the voter counter off their screen like now cause they’re getting shot in the head.

Yea its being a serious thing they are trying to work out