Halo 5 Ban Ban-hammer long ban times

Help 343! This absolutely the worst experience. About 1-2 months ago I was playing Halo 5 on xbox live multiplayer and my network disconnected while in a game and then in the next game I idled for a few minutes and was kicked off the game. And then I was banned for 3 hours !!! What the hell of a kind of ban is that! I mean in previous games there would be a ban for 5-60 minutes (typically 10 min) . Ok cool thats fine. But friggin 3 hours. And now today, I idled in two games in a row (and I idle rarely!). But Yes, i know that’s my fault. I happened to be doing other things simultaneously (which doesnt happen often but happened to be the situation that day) and BOOM i get banned for 5 hours!! 5 friggin hours! What the hell is this! Thats absolutely ridiculous. For working people that means we can’t friggin play for the rest of the day when we are home from work! Please fix this and put more reasonable bans! I might as well create a dumb other profile just in case this happens. this is so stupid. Match the offense with the penalty. Gosh, i feel like i’m getting death sentence for a minor offense because I RARELY idle and rarely do other crap like betrayals or whatever other negatives.

Hi OP, please direct any queries to our ban thread in the Halo 5 forums. have a read over the first post and a make a reply there if necessary :slight_smile: