Halo 5 Assassinations

We all know how the energy sword has a special assassination animation when you punch someone in the back with it. There are actually two different assassinations. But, that’s not the point I’m making. Wouldn’t it be so awesome if there was a special assassination for the gravity hammer? You could like knock them onto the ground, then chop into them with the blade on the back of the hammer! You know, like what happened to Romeo in Halo 3: ODST? Everyone would love this!

They do have a special assassination for the hammer.

Yeah they sweep them off their feet with the hammer then smash em.

You have to have default assassinations on for some reason. Same with the sword unless you assassinate someone against a wall which triggers the other animation that you mentioned.

Here you go.

Thanks guys, I didn’t know this! I guess it’s because I never have the default on.