Halo 5 Assassination Ideas

  • Back Breaker-Player 1 lifts Player 2 in the air, then pulls Player 2’s body down while Player 1 jerks his knee upwards. Player 1’s knee slams into Player 2’s back and Player 2’s spine is broken. (Just like Bane Breaking Batman’s Back)- Skull Smasher (Unique to Gravity Hammer)-Player 1, while in the air, slams Gravity Hammer down on Player 2’s head, while also in the air. Player 2’s skull is smashed in.- Hammer Slammer (Unique to Gravity Hammer)-Player 1 melees Player 2’s back, forcing him onto the ground. Player 1 jumps onto Player 2 and slams his Gravity Hammer into Player 2’s torso.- Super Slasher (Unique to Energy Sword)-Player 1 shoves Player 2 forward. Player 1 slashes Player 2’s torso with an Energy Sword (top-right to bottom-left slash), then Player 1 slashes again (left to right across Player 2’s torso) and spins/turns around while Player 2 falls.- Kick & Shank-Player 1 kicks Player 2’s legs and trips him. When Player 2 is on the ground, Player 1 slams his knife into Player 2’s head or chest.- Gravity Slice (Unique to Gravity Hammer)-Player 1 uses the back of his Gravity Hammer and shoves the blade-side into Player 2’s head.- Slicin’ Slam (Unique to Gravity Hammer)-Player 1 use the back of his Gravity Hammer and slice Player 2’s legs, making Player 2 fall to the ground on his back. Player 1 slams the front part of the hammer into Player 2’s torso.- Back Shot (Unique to Shotgun(s)-Player 1 hits Player 2 in the face with the butt of the Shotgun. After Player 2 falls onto his knees, Player 1 aims his Shotgun and blasts Player 2 in the back.- Leap n Shoot (Unique to DMR, Lightrifle, & BR)-Player 1 jumps onto Player 2’s shoulders. Player 1 jumps off and does a back flip; while in mid-air Player 1 one-shots Player 2 in the face. Both Players land at the same time.- Roll Over-Player 1 rolls over Player 2’s back, then Player 1 stabs Player 2 up through his chin.- Major Slicing (Unique to Energy Sword)-Player 1 slashes Player 2’s legs with Energy Sword; after Player 2 falls onto his back, Player 1 shoves his Energy Sword into Player 2’s back.- Worm Exploder (Unique to Hunter)-Player crawls up the Hunter’s back, then the Player makes an opening in the Hunter by ripping out some worms and then he places a grenade inside the worms. Player leaps off the Hunter and the worms explode! (Inspired by Halo: Forward Unto Dawn)- No Mercy (Elite with Energy Sword assassinating Spartan)-The Elite slices the Spartan’s legs and when the Spartan is on his knees, the Elite shoves his sword into the Spartan’s chest.- Organ Slicer (Elite with Energy Sword assassinates Spartan)-The Elite chokes the Spartan and lifts him into the air (they’re facing each other); while the Spartan hangs there, the Elites shoves his Energy Sword into the Spartan’s stomach.- Face Smasher (Elite with Gravity Hammer assassinates Spartan)-The Elite shoves the Spartan onto the ground and then the Elite shoves the bottom (the stick part) of the Gravity Hammer into the Spartans visor.- Executioner (Elite with Energy Sword assassinates Spartan/Elite)-Elite forcefully puts his foot on Spartan/Elite’s chest to hold him down, then the Elite shoves his Energy Sword into the Spartan/Elites face.- Head Banger (Elite with Gravity Hammer assassinating another Elite)-Elite 1 knocks Elite 2 forwards, then when Elite 2 turns around, Elite 1 uppercuts Elite 2 in his face with his Gravity Hammer. Elite 2’s body gets flung away.These are all the assassinations I can think of. Do you guys have any you would want to see in Halo 5?

Not a good time bro! We’re a little busy. :stuck_out_tongue:

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> Not a good time bro! We’re a little busy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you guys like the trailer? I thought it was amazing! (Only 1 out of 2 trailers so far…)

I’m so tempted to read. BUT TRAILER HYPE!