Halo 5 armor in Halo infinite next to the other 3

We have the mark V’s and the ninja armor, please bring back my super nice halo 5 armor,

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H5 players only want Seeker helmet and it’s disgusting.


And the rest wants more.

@Sodium_Bath, I still don’t know why Seeker became the meme helmet when Goblin exists.

is there not all some thread about what for armor set’s you wane see return in halo infinite so use that thread i think since there is a long list of armor set request’s on that thread all.

Do you have a link, works faster…

here is the link:

Thanks mate! Appreciated

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Some Halo 4 and Halo 5 armor is coming over, but re-tweaked to be something actually attractive.
Enforcer, War Master, Stormfall, Celox, and EOD are what we are seeing this season so far.

When, December again?

Easy, Copperhead armour.

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