Halo 5 Arena Req Packs not showing up

When I logged in today, my Arena packs did not show up. My Warzone and Daily login packs were there, but not Arena. I should have several weeks of them left. Could this just be a delay?

Could just be a delay OP, give it a little time and see if they show up. Can always check here on Waypoint

They showed up. I guess it was delayed.

Great stuff, glad you got your packs :slight_smile:

my warzone req bundle hasent been showing up i got 1 week of it and the rest haven’t come through

How long has this been going on? It could be possible that your xbox doesn’t have the Pack’s DLC installed.

He not the only one that has it problem with something not showing up even though i play arena day 1 day of the reset

I’ve had several packs disappear… At least one gold pack. Can we get reimbursed?

To save confusion, as OP’s issue has been resolved, can anyone else having issues with REQ bundles start their own topic please. It may be today that you get your pack, you can check your REQa here on Waypoint. Be sure to count your weeks and make sure your bundle hasn’t already expired and remember that you can only redeem one bundle per account