Halo 5 and things to add

Halo 5 I know it would be much better but i would like to see more stuff never seen in Halo games. first of all the miltiplayer

1.Huge battles meaning really big and massive maps for multiplayer such as battlefield… big maps so there can be use airplane or airstrike driven by us alot of more vehicles such as tanks to have massive, deadliest, and mass destruction maps

  1. adding more weapons such as more assault riffles,smg,shotguns, and lot more.not cammos but guns to use in multiplayer macths.

  2. customized a spartan not just the armors but the characters inside does armor and adding some stance with the helmets of so people can see who are you.

Now some of the things that should return from past halos

1.armors such as C.B.Q, security, Hayabusa, and much more

  1. keeping most of the halo 4 armors such as Venator, locus,deadeye,fotus.mark 5,odst,and more but should get rid of the ugly ones such as protector, defender,stalker and more

  2. the return of the use of convenants characters to use in multiplayer.
    the return of some cool vehicles…

well that all i have in mind that i think they should add and return to the next generation of halo… what else do u think they should add to halo 5

Seeing as how you already have a thread similar to this, I’m locking this one.