Halo 5 and the concept of "Team Work"

I’m seeing a pattern in this forum where people are describing the beta as the most “team work” oriented version of Halo yet. I agree with this assessment.

I understand why this game has always tried to foster team work, and why there are built in biases toward it. It is a noble ideal and a goal worth pursuing.

Reality: most people play solo, don’t use a mic, don’t cultivate a lengthy friend list, aren’t ever on at the same time as their friends, etc. etc. etc.

I’m concerned that as the playing field tips even further in favor of a high-functioning team, that “the rest of us,” probably a pretty substantial majority, will find themselves at greater disadvantage than ever.

Solutions: Match parties only to other parties. Rumble Pit. Get more friends. Complain bitterly on forums that Halo 5 is not noob-friendly. Start using a mic more often.

All in my head, or a real thing?

your not wrong its definitely hard to get anything going without teamwork.