Halo 5 and the community

It has gotten really unbearable to read the forums on here recently, a large amount of what’s on here is how halo 5 is garbage with its story and multiplayer, how weapons like the AR and pistols need to be pushed back to worthless weapons, how its become pay to win multiplayer.

If you are not happy with how Halo 5 is then that is fine, not everyone is going to love halo, in fact I wasn’t in love with halo 2, I was fine with halo 3, I found the multiplayer to slow and I wasn’t mobile enough compared to the Spartans in the books, but when reach came out I fell in love with the gameplay, and how it felt to run and move around the maps. With halo 4 and 5 I am the same way, yes it could use some work, but no matter how much they work at it, its not going to be the halo we all want. If you don’t like where 343i is going, then I’m sorry you lost something you loved. Buy change is what keeps games fresh, not the same game hashed with new modes and scripts, boring gameplay and over used mechanics from the past games.

I look forward to what is happening, I don’t care for those of you who bash the game, because your favorite things changed, MCC is still a thing and there are plenty of other games.

let go of what you want, and make room for what is best for the community and what’s best for the players, help fix problems, not a banner to make 343 withdrawal from their gaming potential. We need to voice what we think can be improved. Not what halo it should be like again

I agree, community sucks!

The community just needs to be worked on,
there are so many people asking for the old halo experience, or bashing on the game.

I know the game has Issus’s, but we need to band together and contact then, not spamming or having many forum postings.