Halo 5 and the changes

I think we are all missing the point here. They don’t want this game to require skill (at least the skill that Halo 1-3 took) they want it to appeal to the masses. That is why Halo is changing, it is to hard for the random guy to start playing Halo and enjoy it without getting slaughtered. SOOOOOOO 343 made it so the Random Joe can feel some success.

Unbelievable range on the Assault Rifle
Assault Rifle being more useful mid-range than the BR

I am not saying that any of this makes Halo 5 a bad game. I think the Beta has been just fine, 343 is appealing to their next generation of Halo players the problem is they will more than likely lose the previous generation of players.

Let me know if you agree or want to bad mouth me that is just what I am seeing with this new game.

I could be completely off but those are my thoughts