Halo 5 and switches/levers/triggers/plates?

I think Halo 5 should have switches/levers/triggers/plates to allow for more innovative forging - like for example , a true indiana jones/adventure map could have a pressure plate that if stepped on (within the radius of it) a giant deathball could be thrown hurdling at the player!

Switches/Buttons could also be great to make forge maps more immersive like for example on a flood/living dead game mode - players opening doors (when I say door - I generally mean metal futuristic doors not wooden doors) on a dark void ship - [with possible sounds] would make the atmosphere and situation seem more intense!

Also with these features - it would mean - SOOOOO many more gamemodes and activities for players to create and play!

I think the term is… HELL YEAH!

I just don’t understand what stopped Bungie and 343i from putting this in already. Every since forge was made in Halo 3 people have wanted this when they opened the games of High Ground and found out you can’t make gate switches in forge. It was a hope for Reach and 4 that has yet to be put in. Maybe Halo 5 could swoop in and save the day.

Just saying with all these ideas that people are giving out i think 343i should call the New Halo Halo CE 2- Customer Edition

This definitely needs to make it in. Also, dynamics map in general would be beneficial to Halo (at least on the BTB side of things). Simple things such as the platform on Last Resort or the gates on High Ground work fantastically. On larger maps it would interesting if you could collapse certain sections of certain buildings.