Halo 5 and 6 may not be so successful.

I don’t think this is because of 343’s capabilities, I this because of Microsoft’s mindset. I realy believe that Microsoft may just blow things for themselves with the 720 and we’ll see complete dominance for the ps4.

Microsoft has been putting less and less focus on games than ever before. Now were stuck with the 720 seemingly becoming an entertainment box that’s focused on kinect. With the way MSFT has been handling things lately the 720 may not sell nearly as much as the competition and we won’t see so many people getting the next iterations of our beloved franchise.

This article shows perfectly how serious Sony has been and how serious MSFT isn’t. The big M has been too arrogant to see and learn from their mistakes. Most likely they won’t support devs as much, and make the nextbox more of an entertainment machine than a gaming platform. They’ll soon be kicking themselves once they see how much less successful the 720 is than the 360.

I really hope this doesn’t happen, becuase I really want to continue with the Halo franchise and want it to still be a success. We are calling the pop. #s we see now low, but imagine how it will be if the 720 doesn’t succeed due to MSFT’s dumb decisions. Halo is losing popularity as-is it will take a much harder blow if the xbox becomes irrelevant as well.


I would appreciate if you read what I wrote, but i’ll make this anyway. MSFT arrogant and stupid decisions may hurt the success of the nextbox, which will in-turn hurt the success of the next Halos.