Halo 5 aka Call of duty expansion pack

I really am upset with the multiplayer gameplay. The lack of time spent designing it is so sad. Seriously feels like I’m playing an arcade style of Halo. I run around in these rat mazes shooting stuff. The spawning system is a joke. People spawn In front of me all the time giving me easy kills. I’m not complaining because I’m bad at the game. I’m complaining because 343 Industries managed to design yet again another horrible game. Is there a way I can get a refund on the Xbox one console digital download??

Edit: Unnecessarily harsh comment.

“arcade style of halo” yeah arena shooters tend to feel like this??? 200 percent health isn’t the most non arcade thing ever

This is one of the best Halo multiplayer games since Halo 2 and a lot of people agree with that. I don’t understand why you would want your money back