Halo 5 aim feels so weird

I’ve played halo 5 for about a year now and I never noticed it until the old Halo games became backwards compatible but Halo 5 aim system feels so different compared to the other games. I’m not saying it’s bad, but why would they make aim feel so much more different then what people were used to?

They decided to make big changes which implemented heavy aim ( a blanket phrase to describe multiple aiming , movement ,hit detection and many many many more glitches and lag issues ) which for me made the games aiming mechanics random every time I played and lots of times totally unplayable. They themselves admitted to not knowing the cause or the cure so they continuously patched it . However not properly so it’s still broken but got a giant plaster on it making for a fps that’s not particular great at the fps aspect of the game . Recently for me tho ( last month maybe two max ) this issue has been pretty much restored to the point where I have consistency. ( THANK YOU !!! ) so you can compete , improve and more importantly enjoy. Which is good because I love halo old and new and just want to improve . Due to this improvement I’ve gone from struggling at gold maybe hitting a few low platinums to low to mid diamond regularly.
As rage inducing as this has been over the last two years I would still appreciate the fact that it is good to change aspects between titles like this so that players have something new to learn , gives freshness a new feel to the game stopping it from going stale and keeping the skill gap which is fundamental to halo . ( Even the campaigns promotes skill gap in its difficulty settings )